Monday, June 15, 2009

salam MalaysiSIA - US

can`t talk much
well some taw aku da fly ari sabtu ari tu..
na ckp..WE~RE ALREADY HERE................
in us..

nak ucp cni
thanks kpd far..mun..n iejan..
swett nye la korg datang antar aku
aku bear in mind taw..
and to everyone
thanks for your wishes
we`re doing fine here
so, do not worry

fly lbey kurg 2 hari
tak jumpa nasi da tiga hari
juz wanna say here
miss everyone in mesia
wish our success here
biela,me,and daus..
cannot say when
i will open this blog again..
but please say what you want to say here
and i`ll try everything to read it!!!

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