Wednesday, May 6, 2009

maybe or maybe not~~

11th may of 2009

a lot of things are going to happen that day

the date for enrollment to the matrix
the date of my sister visit to balai bomba
the date for me to return the library book
the date for my father to visit his sick friend
and to me, it is also
the date for putrajaya program
what is kind of programme??

i am never good with words
and i try to spill out something
and try not to make me sound
kind of person
if i ever sound like that
do not mind ..
it does not my intention to make you feel like that.

here it goes
a quit excruciating word
"the programme"
for an 18 years old-to-be teenager
of course la
it does not sound normal
cause ..
on what purpose people go
to the mosque-kind-of-building
in the middle of day work
THAT is very very not normal

i am goin'
"for BTN programme
along with a JPA orientation
at the US embassy"
(JPA have put all of this prog
together due to time constraint)

now, this is the scary part
to be truthfully honest n frank..
apart from all my experience of
interview-camp-motivation prog
(yang sememangnya ciput tu)
this is not a kind of thing
that i usually feel
"let's tell her this n then she will forget it
in a minute"
sad to say
the theory is not applied here
i think of this thing
it's freaking me up
it's driving me to wall
it's make me worry
the fact that i have to go there
keep hunting me even in my dream
you might think that
i put too much emotion on this thing
of course i am
it's like meeting the strangers
and you have be nice with them
cause it is necessary for you
and i am not kind of
"camping or school prog selected student"
i just a student..not to bright but enough for
people to notice
like repeating high school all over again

back to the main story
i will be away for
about seven days
maybe and maybe not
i dunno
the instruction is not clear..
~the flaw of govern****~
u & i will never know

what i want is
a good impression on me
nice people to befriend with
adequate tips for living
& maybe a bug-free kind of food
(the paranoia of having ulat in my food)

i pray had for all to be the best
for all thing that will happen to me
to you
to us
to everyone..

let's go into some mind-thinking

the path that we chose
is the path that will
reflect what are we going to be
in another ten years
maybe an engineer
a doctor, a surgeon, a bussinessman
or not a white-collar-worker
a salesman maybe..

"We should all be concerned about the future because
we will have to spend the rest of our lives there."
~Charles F. Kettering

and the future always begins now
whether we want or not
the truth is the truth
we are older each minute
more responsible to take
the relationship became more complicated
there's a lot to think
a lot to be weighed
and we start to think
"wish could be in school right now"
life is can say that
but it is not just easy..

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw
all the paint on it you can.
Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be.

and we have to take what is given by GOD
and appreciate it
and value it
i have got the chance
and i will not waste it
and i will try my best
despite of all my "mambling" above
i must admit
i am totally happy with this chance
the program is not in my to-do-list)
pray hard to ALLAH

"When My servants ask you concerning Me,
I am indeed close (to them);
I listen to the prayer of every supplicant when he calls on Me;
Let them also, with a will, listen to My call, and believe in Me,
that they may walk in the right way."

From small beginnings come great things.
with this
i am now

reminder:do not mind the grammar.mind the message from it.i even had a C in my English once.


Anonymous said...

all da best wanee.

amiR muJahiD said...

May Allah bless all of us...

uar_nee said...

to sajeedhani

uia girl eh??
thanx jeed..

to amir mujahid..

the blessing always be upon us..
thanx you ALLAH...

.:namakusab.: said...

ko da bole fly pe?
so utk fly tu,ko kene g interview?

~cik zue~ said...

beb... chaiyok2!

i'm proud of u~


the program is not in my to-do-list)
pray hard to ALLAH

n then what's on ur my-to-do list eh...?
alalala wani..
ang bleyh punya!
mak ayah aku tumpang bangga kt ang!

uar_nee said...

to sab..

aku kene amik visa dulu
so, nak dpt visa tu
kene gi intebiu..

to cik zue..

aku pon proud gak kat ko
sama2 kita chaiyok ek...

to farel

kim salam kat mak ayah ko ek..
ssh nya la nak jumpa ang nih
makacih la mlwt blog aku