Sunday, February 27, 2011

dont keep your distance =(

you so far from me yet i have no way to pull you back.
i want you to be with me yet i have to let you go.
you wont know im feeling like this yet im hoping you would know
i love you so much yet i have no way to tell you this
even  though u always here with me yet i feel you so distant

im glad you with him yet why im aching in my heart
im maybe sound so selfish yet i keep thinking this way
i've never feel this way yet for you im having this foolish thought
i love you as my sister and you have to know that

and so i kill this feeling for you,for your happiness and for your trust
but you ought to know im here for you
and i will smile for you in the end

p/s:ntah knpe semua post lately ni emo2.someone ketuk kepala sket boley?haih.


fadheR said...

nakkk ketuk :P

lellapop said...

ololoo.. nape ni dear?

achid said...

haha wanie, nie untuk saper nie wanie? ceciter ceciter

diana said...

i'm still here babe

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...