Friday, December 17, 2010

we have to break up


my dearest bio slide,

how are you feeling today? i am very sorry that i locked you up in that stupid small drawers for the last 4 weeks.but i really could not take it anymoree.i know that we've been dating for a while and we have fun together even though i hardly find any jokes in any of your love slides. and then you said that you madly in love with me but still we know something is missing somewhere. we dont have the "chemistry", the feeling  to save this relationship.and yes i want to breakup with you.and im very sorryy for this.

yess i admit at the beginning i said  i will try to love you back. i gave you hope i make you believe you are the one for me. i am sorry for what i did say but it just dont turn out so nicely for wasnt meant to be with me. everytime i go to see you all i can hear was nothing.NOT A THING. maybe its my fault i did not give my full attention to you but ive tried so hard! i never skip our dates. i went even if my other friends go back to their dorm and sleeppp!I gave my full commitment to this relationship but what did you give to me??only more and more uselesss love notes that i kept almost a pile in my dorms!

i'd suffered a lot because of treated all your medical's friends nicely but why you did this to me?? I JUST WANT TO BE HAPPY WITH YOU! your friends of prokarya,eukarya,cells and what-other-crap-things are very happy with you up until one point, i fell like i dont belong in your world. why the heck i should consider to be your girlfriend if i have to remember all you generations: your grandfather your long lostt uncle and even your great222 grandfather??! i seriouslyy dontt careeee about them!

just dont feel bad about yourself. its not was me in wrong, completely. and i know it will be very hard to get over me. who says it won't?*it supposed to be hard* but you'll find better person nicer person than will have a wonderful moment again with your new can tell all your love slides, facts, jokes if you want.and ill be packing up your things * your momentos, love notes ready to throw them out of my room. but please just this one nicee to me. dont just walk away like that. i still need you at least until just dont make my grades worser.and dont be too harsh on me please?

"I don't know how to not love you, I only know how to not let you go"



Anonymous said...

Akulah antara org yg fed up ngan abg bio ni. balek bilik membuta

Anonymous said...

i am one of those who is going back n sleepp.. kroghh2.. syahid berkali2

Izzat Iskandar said...

boleh tahan jiwang budak ni

Syazwani Zakwan said...

izzat: br taw. i just chose not to be one.

zuluuniformlima said...

weee~~~ terbaik .. gud luck wani~~

AxL Farhan said...


Aini Naz said...

lol. terbaek ah. ahahaha