Thursday, December 2, 2010

how time flies..
now i'm waiting to wrap up my third semester here.
its another three weeks before the holiday *yeay*
*btw, its also another 4 weeks for florida yeay.omg excited2!*

i just finish up touring the other blogs and
mmg sumpah sye mls nk update blog.
its not that it take time or complicated and believe me i loveeee to write.
but kadang2 the feeling need no expression.ok hrp korg tk cube nk phm ape bnde aku melalut nih

btw, sumer org mcm tngh sebok2 nk ckp feeling kawan2 nih. and tetibe terase nk write a post about this.ngehngehngeh*pdhl mls da nk tngk hw*

ok ckp bnde laen pulok.mlm ni tetibe pkir nk recap ape feeling ble first2 jd sophomore.
well bile jd sophs(its term for 2nd year student btw) rse mcm matured sket kot.matured in action matured in study.ok malu sekejap sbb ngaku sendiri.*kah7*.tapi mcm betul je. tk ke?

erm da matured dr segii ape yek...
*ok this is strong.waktu freshman selalu stay dlm blik n become ulat buku.sumpah tak tipu.heloo berjam2 kott berchenta ngan calc tuuu.maybe org ckp bagus, tpppp seyes tder life. mmg tder life.never ade life. so ble da msuk sophs niii sumer bnde nk bt. haaa amek ko nmpk sket dunia.dulu tk penah kisah psl jln 21st ke, jln nk gi walmart ke, jln ape2 ke. kalaw sesat tu mmg selamat la. but bler da sophs sebok2 la nk amek lesen sbb nk jlnnn.kah8. walmart tu smpai muntah hijau da tyap2 kali free pegi.waffle house pon sme jugak la.haha.

* n then one other thing i noticed. people start to change. in a good way of course.  be more open to each other(nie da boley syap cter psl awek pakwe expakwe sub spare part sumer bnde la) tk ke open nmenye?
in freshmen year u never think about others u never wanna care u never wanna know about them. why bother? you have your life to put your worries into. but now all that do matter.  and somehow you feel closed.

*ok dulu tak nk bohong tnk tipu mmg menyampah jugak dngn certain2 person. bajet sngt, control sngt loud sngt and ksr sngt. pokoknye org2 yg eksotik+suke bt hal sendiri+tak care perasaan orang by my opinion mmg tkkn selamat.mmg sumer syap la aku kutuk2. haa tmbh dosa aku free2 terima kaseh bnyk2. but now, tipu la kalaw ckp tk kisah but somehow da bole adapt kot. * kalaw nk compare im probably the candidate if org nk kutuk2 ke ape, tapi mmg tk kisah kot hahaha*.

ok now the fun part. the picturessss..ok enjoy.

    family pics from gatlinburg.

    up on the hill. while riding cable car

    my u guys!

    notin more to say.happy!class of 2013+one of 2011

conclusion nyee.. you guys are the most diverse people i ever met.thank God for letting me having you guys as friends. lets make that bond greater shall we?love u!

**"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Others stay awhile, make footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever the same."**


awe said...

aku jelesss oiii T.T

Izzat Iskandar said...

quote yg last tu sangat familiar.
Kecewa sikit ak tak termasuk dalam gambar tu

Syazwani Zakwan said...

awe: hahaha oii awak pon nk fly jugak kan.nnty boley jumpe dolphin lg syap

izzat: u wasn't even there.mcm mne nk masuk gmbr.kecewa kn.haa tahun depan jom pegi sme2

zuluuniformlima said...

dude, all the pictures are awesome.. thumbs up!!..:D

Renzi Sasori said...

notin more to say.happy!class of 2013+one of 2011

Heh, aku rasa sgt ackward, hak3