Friday, October 9, 2009

should i..or should i not..

today is a not-so called HAPPY day..
i am supposed to be very grateful because
there was no calculus today..
credit to Prof. Pamela
we way ahead from the other classes
so we can get off from calculus today
isnt that just wonderful..HAPPY SMILE!!
(she did 8 related rates problems in 30 minutes btw)

just finished my test 2 in calculus yesterday
am i happy??
of course not
the Qs was a lot harder than the first..
another lame excuse
i should have read more about it
well, i try my best
we see the result then

tonight, the seniors are throwing a "makan2 gather"
suppose to start at 8
frankly speaking, I LOVE SENIOR rite now
i'm graving for malaysian food
the last rumah terbuka
which is on..hahaha..last week
what do you expected??
i keep on eating the same food for the whole week
there was SO MANY choices..
all you can eat is fries..fries and fries
sick of fries..sick of vegie burger
sick of everything here
hopefully there "ayam masak merah"

now im at FGH
waiting for the next class
which is mechanical engineering..
it is just an introduction and btw
now im clueless
dont know what to choose
the path to engineering lies in front of me and still
im clueless
should i or should i not

just quoting from my chemistry prof phrases today,
btw we learn Chapter 7 today which is on Quantum Mechanics
" if you're having identity crisis, better you thought yourself is very lucky,
cause light does not know who it was..a particle or a cannot be both
at the same time but if you tested it, it share the both properties of
light and wave"
sounds to me that light is having more trouble than i am

well that's all today
i wanna start my mastering chemistry
the weather is colder rite now and still
i did not get my money yet..
JPA!!im freezing here!!!
wish "someone" could read that..
but anyway, i just gonna have patient level
for this month a lot higher than the last one
so that i would not ended up
swearing all around the campus
till next post then


~nazierah~ said...

lme sgguh xdgr kabo..
how's thing going??
b'sabar ye idup kt tmpt org..
sgt best kn pnglmn tu =)
goodluck in ur life!
take care ye..

uar_nee said...

thanx iejan..
btw,pe cter ngan
kawin akak ari tu??
dngr cter berulg alik
nek kpl trbg..
gler besyyy..

Izzat Iskandar said...


.:namakusab.: said...

salam wani..

mkin fluent la bi akak sorang ni..
untung duk kat ngra omputih ni..

ko still dapat g open ouse?
kat sini bg aku cam seminggu je.
pas abes cuti raya seminggu tu,terus rase nothing.
da lupe dah rase kuah kacang cmne.

papepun..gud luck la ea kat sane..
refer to HIM in anything u do..

uar_nee said...
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uar_nee said...

to sab,

ko pon sme..tenkiu2!!